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KI3700 Rackmount Keyboard

KI3700 Series

KI3700 Series - NEMA 4 (IP66) Rack Mount Rugged Keyboard

The KI3700 Series are full size, NEMA 4 (IP66) rugged keyboard with full 101/104 key functionality, including 24 function keys and a separate numeric keypad. This rugged keyboard uses CTI's advanced designs for sealing and reliability, are molded of silicone rubber and have 2 mm travel with excellent tactile feel. Gold over nickel contacts combined with superior sealing (waterproof) assure users of years of reliable operation. This rugged keyboards are packaged in heavy gauge anodized aluminum with a 1U panel height, and includes CTI's patented, ergonomic folding door hand rest feature. Sliding rails are rated at 80 lbs. per side and lock in the extended position. All installation hardware is included. Various options are available to meet your application requirements (e.g. French keyboards, Spanish keyboards).

KI3700 Rugged Keyboards Technical Drawing (PDF)

ArrowMouse™ Mouse Cursors Operating Instructions (PDF)
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