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KI9800 Rugged Keyboard
rugged keyboard KI9800

KI9800 Series

KI9800 Series - NEMA 4 (IP66) Sealing OEM Rugged Keyboard

The KI9800 Series are full size, NEMA 4 (IP66) sealing rugged keyboards with full 101/104 key functionality, including 24 function keys and a separate numeric keypad. These rugged, OEM keyboards use CTI's advanced designs for sealing and reliability, are molded of silicone rubber and have 2 mm travel with excellent tactile feel. Gold over nickel contacts combined with superior sealing (waterproof) assure users of years of reliable operation.
These OEM input devices are a perfect fit for custom panels, and are an excellent solution for use in wash down areas; such as food processing, medical laboratories and machining factories.

KI9800 Rugged Keyboards Technical Drawing (PDF)

Understanding NEMA and IP Ratings (PDF)
How to select a Industrial Rugged Keyboard

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