Rugged Keyboard KIF9000
KIT3700 Rugged Keyboard
KIT3700 Rugged Keyboards

KIT3700 Series
KIT3700 Series - Sealed Rack Mount Keyboards w/ 1.5" Trackball:
The KIT3700 Series are full travel industrial keyboards, with 101/104 key functionality.
These rugged keyboards are sealed to NEMA 12 (IP54) with a molded, replaceable polyurethane seal, and are combined with our high reliability trackball mouse pointer. The 1.5 " diameter trackball has a formed Teflon sealing ring in a metal collar, redundant photo-detectors and hardened stainless steel shafts; making it very durable and precise.

These ergonomic keyboards offer high reliability trackball mouse pointers, are packaged in heavy gauge anodized aluminum with a 1U panel height, and include CTI's patented, ergonomic folding door hand rest feature. Sliding rails are rated at 80 lbs. per side and lock in the extended position. All installation hardware is included. This industrial keyboard and trackball mouse pointer combination are the perfect solution where dust and minor liquid spills are of a concern; such as offices, security booths, manufacture control systems, and packaging plants.

KIT3700 Industrial Keyboards Technical Drawing (PDF)
Trackball Mouse Cursors Specifications (PDF)
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